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Do you wish you knew when, where and how to use Advanced Styling for Eyelash Extensions? 

Knowing the Pro tips and tricks can make the difference between your lash sets being standard or amazing. 

With lots of competition in your local area, how do you stand out from the crowd?  

5 Reasons you need an Advanced Lash Styling course...

  1. You've done training in Classic or Volume Eyelash Extensions but it didn't really cover styling (or even mixing curls and lengths).
  2. You use the same style and curl on just about every client because you aren't sure what else to do.
  3. Eyelash Extensions are your passion and you want to stay up to date with current lash trends and ahead of the competition.
  4. You've heard of Kim K styling, Eyeliner effect and Perfect Line, and you want to really understand how to do it properly.
  5. You need an edge, something extra to help you with client retention, so your clients are happy and keep coming back

Challenge your thinking and keep up with current trends. Create your own lane, grow your skills and your profit!

Become a Total Lash Styling Pro

If you are already trained in Classic or Volume Eyelash Extensions, it's time to lift your game.

Anyone can learn how to apply an extension to a natural lash. 

Exceptional artists consider the client’s eye and face shape, whether any features need to be highlighted, disguised or balanced and the client’s lifestyle and preferences first.  

We have created a BRAND NEW online course with the best and most up to date skills, knowledge and trends.  A course that shows you EXACTLY HOW TO STYLE so you can do beautiful, bespoke, personally designed sets for all your clients.


This course has been adapted from our highly successful Advanced Lash Styling course which has been hosted Australia-wide and workshopped at conferences in other countries around the world.  Our previous course helped so many artists change their way of lashing and even place in competitions  – and this new one is even bigger and better!

It doesn't matter if Classic Eyelash Extensions are your focus or you’re a Russian Volume Extension specialist... 

It doesn't matter if you are new to lashing or have years of experience...

Our Style Master - Advanced Lash Artistry course will teach you the skills and knowledge to take your lash artistry to the next level.

What you'll learn

Stand out from the crowd and master lash styling with advanced skills. Become an expert at custom eyelash extensions and keep up with lash trends.

  • Fundamental Face and Eye Shapes & Styles

  • How to Balance, Highlight or Minimise Facial Features with Corrective Lash Styling

  • Reverse Cat Eye & Kim K Styling

  • How to use Graduation and Transition to Mix Curls and Lash Lengths like a Pro

  • Creating the "Perfect Line" and "Eyeliner" effects

  • Common Styling Mistakes and the Questions that Never get Asked

  • How to map an Advanced Style and set up for Advanced Lash Work

  • Basic Bridging

  • Layering lashes for Texture and Density to Create Fuller Sets

  • Creating Illusions with Volume Fans and how to Calculate Safe Lash Extension Weights

We Share It All

Learn the tips and tricks the Masters use in a practical and easy to understand way.

No secrets, no clubs, no contracts, no cliques - just the information you need to carve your own market and succeed.

Bonus material

Want more? We'll give you Handouts straight from our comprehensive Course Vault to add to your own Style Master Library

  • Bonus 1 - Stacking & Capping

    Ever wondered how you perform Stacking and Capping in eyelash extensions? When to use it, or even what it is? We explain everything you need to know to add texture, length and volume to your sets, including handy diagrams.

  • Bonus 2 - Safe Lash Extension Weights

    We break down EXACTLY HOW Safe Lash Extension weights are calculated - never be confused about how many extensions you can safely apply to a Natural Lash again! Includes Easy to Use Reference Table!

  • Bonus 3 - Eye Styling with Example Lash Maps

    Everyone’s eyes are different. We break down the basic styles, explain how they work and what they are good for. Understanding common lash maps is key to learning how to adapt them to suit your clients or even create your own new style!

Meet Kelly, Your Style Master Instructor

Who better to encourage new skill growth and help you take your lash game to the next level?? An internationally recognised Lash & Brow Trainer, Mentor and Competition judge!

Kelly Harris is a mum of three gorgeous kids. She is also a wife, friend, boss, multi award winning Lash Artist, successful business owner and industry mentor, internationally recognised trainer, global event speaker, lash competition judge and all round entrepreneur. Kelly helps women from all over the world start and grow their own successful lash and brow business. To date, she has trained and mentored hundreds of women in person and online, from different countries and all walks of life. A veteran of the beauty industry (25+ years but who's counting!), Kelly is a qualified beautician, hairdresser, lash and brow artist and certified trainer and assessor, among many other beauty qualifications! Kelly, her husband Sean and their three children live in Perth, Western Australia.

Kelly Harris

CEO & Lead Instructor

Become an Expert in Client Retention

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • A Message from your Instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 02

    Style Master - Advanced Lash Artistry

    • Module #1 - Bespoke Lashing or Production Line

    • Module #2 - How to give your Clients what they REALLY want

    • Module #3 - Face Mapping

    • Module #4 - Designing the Bespoke Set

    • Module #5 - Prescription Lashes

    • Module #6 - Styling Mistakes

  • 03

    Style Master Library

    • Bespoke Styling Lash Assessment Form

    • Bespoke Styling Lash Prescription Form

    • Eye Styling Photo Card

    • Practical Skills Activity Worksheet

    • BONUS 1 - Stacking and Capping

    • Bonus 2 - Safe Lash Extension Weights & How to Calculate them Yourself

    • BONUS 3 - Eye Styling with Example Lash Maps

  • 04

    Implementation & Certification

    • Implementation Begins!

    • Style Master Assessment Checklist

  • 05

    Next Steps...

    • Congratulations! Here's what's next.....

    • Before you go...

What's included?

  • 6 Videos

    Kelly breaks it all down in her own relatable style, making it easy for you to understand. Each video module groups common threads together, so you can build your knowledge and skills step by step at your own pace.

  • Lifetime Online Access

    As soon as you sign up, you get online access straight away. But there's no rush! You have lifetime online access, so you can happily learn in your own time and pop back to refresh your memory whenever you want to!


    We provide you with forms and activities to make it easy for you to focus on mastering your lash artistry, plus Worksheets and handy guides for styling and safe lashing. We give you all the tools to create beautiful bespoke eyelash extensions sets!

  • Become part of our Family

    We invite you to join our exclusive private Facebook Student Support Group with other students, our trainers and mentors for lifetime support, tips and tricks and access to our Enchanted Community.


  • I haven't been lashing that long (just finished training), but I want to learn more about lash styling, is this course good for me?

    Yes, 100%! As long as you know the fundamentals for eyelash extension application and have been trained previously, our course will help you take your lash game to the next level. We teach step by step so you can build on your skills as and when you are ready.

  • Do I get a Certificate?

    At the end of this Course, a Completion Certificate will be automatically provided to you, acknowledging you have participated in our training. You may also earn a Style Master Certificate by successfully applying and demonstrating the skills you have learned on three different clients, using three different style types. If you would like to apply for your Style Master Certificate, you simply send us your case studies for assessment by our trainers. Full details on assessment criteria and evidence requirements are provided in the Implementation & Certification Module of this course.

  • I’ve seen other courses out there that are cheaper, why should I choose you?

    We are masters at teaching advanced styling and techniques and have deep knowledge and experience in all areas we cover. Many award-winning artists and expert lash stylists have been created from this content and there is so much detail in each and every subject. We provide you with the opportunity to have your work professionally assessed if you wish to earn a Style Master Certificate. We also invite you to join our exclusive private Facebook Student Support Group with other students, our trainers and mentors where you get lifetime support and access to our Enchanted Community. Our Style Master course represents amazing value and an excellent investment if you are serious about your artistry. If price is your deciding factor, then we are probably not for you, and that’s ok!

  • I don't have any experience or training in eyelash extensions. Can I do this course?

    The short answer is no unfortunately! This is an advanced eyelash extensions training course, building on the fundamentals learned in Classic Eyelash Extensions training. If you have not previously trained and don't have a good understanding of lash fundamentals, we do not recommend you enroll in this course.

  • How long will it take me to finish this course?

    We take you through everything step by step so you won't feel overwhelmed. But if you're a fast learner and killing it, there's no reason you can't get through in a couple of days - although if you are shooting for Style Master Certification it will take a bit longer to get your case studies together and submit for assessment!

  • Can I share my access to this course with my friends or work mates?

    No but thank you for your question. Your enrollment gives you access for one user only. If you want access to our content for more than one person, you will need to enroll each one.

  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

    No unfortunately. All digital products are deemed 'used' once downloaded or opened. As this is a digital course, no refunds will be given. At Enchanted SPA we pride ourselves on providing high quality content designed to be accessible and understandable regardless of your level. We are confident that you will get great value for money if you work through the whole curriculum as offered.

  • What currency is the course price?

    Pricing is based on the Australian Dollar (AUD).

What our Students say

“Fabulously intensive training! Kelly and her team are just the absolute gurus of knowledge when it comes to lashes!! The investment might be higher than other training options, but for the quality of knowledge and awesome training plus the after support that is ongoing ... it is the best money spent if you want to build yourself up as a successful lash tech! I also recently invested in some 1:1 mentoring with Kelly and instantly improved!! (My very next lash client after our mentoring session booked her next 3 infills with me immediately after her first full set!) She has an insane amount of knowledge that she delivers in a down to earth, wise and fun teaching style all the while inspiring you to be the best you can be. Would recommended any lash tech investing in this if they want to take themselves to the next level!!”

Lash Artist & Business Owner

Carranya Rose

“I completed the Classics Lash Extension course as well as the Advanced Styling course at Enchanted Spa and I loved it, it completely exceeded my expectations. Kelly and the team are lash experts who are really hands on, down to earth and patient. Thanks to Kelly and the team I am fully confident in my eyelash extensions application abilities moving forward and will be referring my friends and colleagues in the future.”

Lash Artist & Business Owner

Sarah Pittaway

“I feel so privileged and proud to be able to say that I have completed training with Enchanted Spa. Kelly and her team are so knowledgeable and so up to date with techniques which makes you feel so good and comfortable about the learning experience.”

Lash Artist & Business Owner

Leah Thompson

Pricing options

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Reviews: Style Master - Advanced Lash Artistry

Tania Woodvine

5 star rating

“Detailed and so easy to follow. Kelly has presented this course wonderfully. Loved the use of the drawing, it made visualising different designs very easy.”

“Detailed and so easy to follow. Kelly has presented this course wonderfully. Loved the use of the drawing, it made visualising different designs very easy.”

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5 star rating

“Highly recommend this styling course! I have competed many Lash Courses with many different trainers. My thoughts are "Don't stop learning" There are always new and improved techniques to learn. ”

“Highly recommend this styling course! I have competed many Lash Courses with many different trainers. My thoughts are "Don't stop learning" There are always new and improved techniques to learn. ”

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Create your own Lane

If you're still reading, let's talk about one more thing. The claim some people in the lash industry make that 'there are too many lash artists and not enough clients to go around'. OK, let's think that one through for a minute. Eyelash Extensions is one of the fastest growing beauty treatments in the world. It is quickly becoming a normal routine for women, not just an occasional extravagance. Clients increasingly look to their local area for services. TRULY? There is enough room for everyone to thrive. When each lash artist is authentic and unique... when those unique lash artists make their clients super happy with beautiful lash sets that are unique to their client's own face and lifestyle....that's creating your own Lane! We show you how you can become an expert at client retention with bespoke eyelash extensions sets personally designed for your clients. Create your own lane, grow your artistry and your profit. What are you waiting for?